A squaw – she is VirtuousWomana lady, a woman, a queen, a princess, in fact, she is priceless!

This post is dedicated to every woman who is diligently pursuing excellence in all her life’s endeavors. How awesome, fearfully and wonderfully made you are!

God took some time to make every human being and even more time to make a woman – a virtuous woman – with all her intricacies and complexities which make her so unique. For this reason, we as women must show forth the light of Him who has created us. I believe that every woman is powerful beyond measure with great deposit waiting to be cultivated.

The Virtuously Empowered Squaw is part of a book that I am currently working on, excitedly, and in talking about a virtuous woman, Proverbs 31:10-31 does justice in giving a very descriptive image of this woman. She has some great qualities that we as women must aspire to have. As works in progress, everyday presents an opportunity for us to apply and live out these attributes!

Below are 15 of some of her great attributes and character:

The Virtuous Woman:

  1. She is priceless
  2. She is a great homemaker / Wife and her husbands heart safely trusts her.
  3. She is a Successful Business Woman
  4. She is hardworking and dislikes idleness
  5. She is seeks to be prosperous / an investor
  6. She is strong and elegant
  7. She is a good leader
  8. She is generous and caring
  9. She is not afraid of the future
  10. She is proactive
  11. She is full of wisdom / A Teacher
  12. She is an effective mother
  13. She is excellent in her pursuit
  14. She knows that she is favored
  15. She fears the Lord
  16. She is virtuously empowered to empower!

Do you know any virtuous woman around you? Do not hesitate to celebrate her for her price is indeed far above rubies… Let us know who she is and we’d celebrate her with you – Scroll down to the comment section of this post  🙂Virtuous Woman - Rubies

I personally have so many of them to celebrate, my two beloved mothers, my God mother  Bishop Peace Okonkwo, and to all my adorable female mentors, too numerous to mention… I celebrate these women and I remain blessed to have them in life.



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She has been called an encourager, a good friend, a mentor, a life coach, a fitness coach, a motivator, whatever the case, Nina's goal is to make a formidable impact in her world! Virtuously empowered to empower... ABSOLUTELY NO LIMIT IN SIGHT!

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  1. Thanks for leaving your comments on my blog!

  2. Thanks Nina for the exciting Squaw post! my mother Mrs Faith Christiana Nwamadi and my Aunties who helped raised me. I appreciate their faith, discipline and love, these women and others who work hard to acheive excellence totally inspires me to the best!

  3. I can totally relate, Tina, thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  5. I agree with a lot of what peoples comments are that I am reading here.

  6. Mrs Theresa Ejiasa Asanaeneng that proved it to me that there exists women that can stick to their husbands through thick and thin.

    The my greatest friend Amaka Ngozi Okoro that never gave up on me even when I departed.

    Amaka Dominion that has been a source of strength and focus. And such wonderful laughter.

    Blessing Jaja that made my recovery from Meningitis a FRUITful experience.

    Rita Okoro I still think you have the coolest voice ever. Hope you make it on TV.

    Nnaomi the Nurse: I believe you were a vessel God chose to use to save my life during my illness.

    Finally to Nina Ijere, I tell every lady I see struggling about your success and how they can benefit from your activity. Keep up the Good work. You are touching lives.

  7. Benjamin O Ijere 7 September 2010 at 6:55 pm #

    When it comes to women I cherish, admire and owe a lot of credit to, I will pen down My Mother Orie Ben Ijere and My sister Nina Ijere. My mother engraved the following in me

    Life, its variables and absolutes should not be rationalized on just a black and white Plato but more of Grey

    Everyone understands the basic idea of right and wrong irrespective of its relativity and as such never dwell on gratification from anyone

    The world will not wait on you, you either stay put or join the hustle of the wagon

    You have total control of your emotions if you chose

    your experiences is a function of your exposure

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  8. Benjamin dear.. thanks for sharing and I am also humbled that you have my name “penned,” I thank God everyday for sending you my way as a brother, you are phenomenal!

  9. Nina!!
    Great post, love the motivation. I’m very excited to watch your progress….

  10. Oh Wow! Dextersmart, it is great to read your post and to have this many awesome women that have impacted your life is so amazing… thanks for sharing

  11. So glad to read…

  12. Thanks Jeff!!! You know that you are a huge part of this story, thanks for all you do to support my vision!!

  13. Thanks Nina, I am so excited about this squaw post. My best regards go to all women who have not relented in their endeavour to acheive success and greatness, despite all the challenges that may come along the way. My sincere gratitude goes to my beloved mother, Mrs. Orie-Ben Ijere who has armed me with substantial amounts of integrity, self-confidence, smartness, credibility and above all, love for myself and others . Many thanks also go to my one and only sister, my love , my sugar..Nina Ijere for always being there for me and for constantly teaching me to always believe in myself.

  14. Chief oo.. it’s is great to read your comment here.. I am excited at who you are becoming and believe me, I am blessed to have you as a brother… I am curious to know, apart from mum and I, what other woman has influenced you positively, say in your primary school, secondary school, university life or just life in general.. please share with us… much love…

  15. Hello Nina, actually, I do have a number of wonderful women who have also affected my life so greatly. Firstly, Mrs Nwagu M.Obasi (may her soul rest in peace) was my third grannie.She made me understand the basics of English language.I remember back in the days when we would play scrabble for hours. I wasn’t up to ten then but she would play the game with such caution and concentration as though we were equals…’twas great fun and I learnt a whole lot from her.
    Then, Auntie Cee Omoji, mum’s best friend….I’ll never forget your pretty face and that lovely smile. How you gently called my name “Chief” …. Oh! Such tenderness, I’ll never forget. Esther Ogba, thanks for being such a beautiful friend.
    To all women working to achieve success, may the light and favor of God shine upon you.

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