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Nina Ijere-Otuka is a professional speaker and dynamic trainer who specializes in corporate, business management and leadership trainings. Nina also dedicates time to do private/individual business coaching, ultimately, Nina loves helping small business owners – including professional service providers – grow their bottom line, attract more clients and increase revenue!

Having over 10 years experience in leadership, business mentorship and training, her zeal for success led her to seeking out her passion and finding the motivation to delve into entrepreneurship. Today, that passion to be a successful businesswoman has not only led her to successfully run her businesses but also tapped into the same zeal and motivation to lose over 40 pounds in weight.
She is the Founder and Executive Director of Nina International LLC, a professional speaking and consulting company and through her Prostad Training Program, she provides business management, corporate and human capacity development trainings.

A strong woman who believes in the strength of all people, one who believes that God didn’t have time to make nobodies hence her passion to empower people with relevant tools and resources – seminars, teleconferences, social media outreach, workshops – on how to be all that they want to and aspire to be in life. Energy in motion as she is often called, Nina’s energy is evident when she speaks be it to a large group, a mini group or hand full of people.

She has made a name for herself as an international motivational speaker and a people-mover of our time with her one-on-one coaching and leadership trainings. Her unique combination of skills, innate gift, and creativity has earned her an impeccable reputation and tremendous success on the business and speaking circuit.

She is a power member of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) and has been featured in several magazines – Trendy Magazine, Applause Magazine, and Acumen Business Magazine – including online articles both in the US and abroad. Nina enjoys traveling, dancing and reading and her goal is to make a formidable impact in her world while helping people find and grow their passion, increase their revenue and ultimately live their extraordinary lives!

The Bloom Event

The Bloom Event

May 03, 2011


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