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Speak Up we must! Speak Out we must! For the sake of the girl child, for the sake of our tomorrow. The innocence of the girl child is at stake in some parts of Nigeria where there forceful marriage of girl children and their abuse may become constitutional if we do not act now!

This is the height of perversion and injustice to human race and the girl child especially. Like a quote rightly said – If she is not old enough to vote, then she is definitely not old enough for marriage – paraphrased.

There are petitions going on.  Please Speak Up for these girls and Speak Out for posterity sake by signing the petitions.

Click Here to Sign the Petition

And do pass on the link to others in your circle!

With your voice, let’s save the girl child, she is crying out for help!


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  1. What are your thoughts about this “madness?”

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