Random thoughts: Roses, Thorns and Life:


roses with thornsJust like a rose blooms despite its many thorns, so are we supposed to live life, fighting to bloom despite life’s challenges. Realize that the thorns of life come to test our depth of faith, character and belief. They come so that we can tap into an inner strength we never knew existed. They come to stretch us, which in turn makes us even stronger and better grounded. Oh how beautiful the lessons of life are.

Life! Life is never always all rosy. No one is exempt from the thorns, not you, not me, not even the most affluent person in the world. Just like a rose, what matters the most is how we bloom and live life beautifully despite the thorns.

What ever life throws at us, we must dare to keep this perspective in view and fight to overcome every challenge.

Embrace your power, shine bright and live beautifully!!

Wishing you much success!



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