Blog Entrepreneurs Corner — 11 June 2014
Alex Mativo

Alex Mativo – Founder of E-Lab from Nairobi, Kenya.

Meet Alex Mativo,  a 19-year old Computer Science student of the University of Nairobi and founder of E-Lab, a start-up company in Kenya that eradicates electronic waste by refurbishing it into amazing works of art to include jewelries, shoes, sculptures and other art pieces.

I was quite impressed when I came across his story on CNN’s African Start-Ups. This is another example of being self-reliant enough to look around their environment to find a need that they could fill thereby providing marketable value to the world.


One of E-Lab’s signature jewelries (earring) made out of electronic “waste”

Click Here to read more of their story as featured on TechMoran, an online tech website.



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