Anti-Social Media?

Post by Prince Ea. Ironically, I came across this #TRUTH video on Facebook and as I watched it,  I remembered in 2012 while waiting to board a plane with my husband, I felt someone staring at [...]

Transforming Electronics Trash to Art Treasures – E-Lab

Meet Alex Mativo,  a 19-year old Computer Science student of the University of Nairobi and founder of E-Lab, a start-up company in Kenya that eradicates electronic waste by refurbishing it into amazing works of art to [...]

Your Future Starts Today

In the early stages of my entrepreneurial journey, I was blessed with great mentors who believed so much in me until I started to believe in myself. In retrospect, I realize that in life, all we [...]

Roses, Thorns and Life

Random thoughts: Roses, Thorns and Life:   Just like a rose blooms despite its many thorns, so are we supposed to live life, fighting to bloom despite life’s challenges. Realize that the thorns of life come [...]

My Seafood Quinoa Recipe

Balancing day to day life and work is something that is very important to most women if not all. So yesterday, as I prepared for my day, I thought  about all the things women had to [...]