Motivationals and Inspirationals

Roses, Thorns and Life

Random thoughts: Roses, Thorns and Life:   Just like a rose blooms despite its many thorns, so are we supposed to live life, fighting to bloom despite life’s challenges. Realize that the thorns of life come [...]

3 P’s of Effective Time Management (Video)

The all famous Benjamin Franklin had these to say about time, he quoted that, “Time is money”  and “Lost time is never found again.”  Another favorite quote of mine about time is by Alan Lakein, he [...]

Lazy is Not an Option

I remember in July of 2005 when I summoned up enough courage to jump out of the corporate America’s rat race and jump into being a full time business woman. I started off as an independent [...]

Now in MP3 on Amazon – 7 Steps to Unlock and Leverage Your Passion

The 7 Steps to Unlock and Leverage Your Passion audio self-help CD is now available as MP3 for instant download on Amazon. Click here to read what people are saying on Amazon Review. In this audio [...]

13 Principles You Must Apply to Achieve Your Goals

Happy New Year to you!! As we roll into the new year – 2014, chances are that you have set some mighty goals. So many of us, if not all of us, will have some new [...]