The Power of Laughter

Over the years, I have come to learn the power of laughter and have consciously practiced it. Sometimes, I laugh so hard, it hurts. About a year or two years ago, while listening to a meditation [...]

Dream – Motivational Video

Sometime ago, I saw a poster that read, “yesterday you said tomorrow… just do it!” The world today is looking for people who not only dream but are willing to do what it takes to achieve [...]

Live and Let Love

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with two different people at different times and I thought it was worth sharing. It occurred to me that this is real life and something that a lot [...]

Speak Up! Speak Out! #ChildNotBride Movement!

Speak Up we must! Speak Out we must! For the sake of the girl child, for the sake of our tomorrow. The innocence of the girl child is at stake in some parts of Nigeria where [...]

5 Key Success Differentiators

  You see, all of us have the ability to be great and it’s never too late to assume the mindset and do the work it takes to be great. God has fearfully and wonderfully made [...]