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Transforming Electronics Trash to Art Treasures – E-Lab

Meet Alex Mativo,  a 19-year old Computer Science student of the University of Nairobi and founder of E-Lab, a start-up company in Kenya that eradicates electronic waste by refurbishing it into amazing works of art to [...]

Your Future Starts Today

In the early stages of my entrepreneurial journey, I was blessed with great mentors who believed so much in me until I started to believe in myself. In retrospect, I realize that in life, all we [...]

Roses, Thorns and Life

Random thoughts: Roses, Thorns and Life:   Just like a rose blooms despite its many thorns, so are we supposed to live life, fighting to bloom despite life’s challenges. Realize that the thorns of life come [...]

3 P’s of Effective Time Management (Video)

The all famous Benjamin Franklin had these to say about time, he quoted that, “Time is money”  and “Lost time is never found again.”  Another favorite quote of mine about time is by Alan Lakein, he [...]

Lazy is Not an Option

I remember in July of 2005 when I summoned up enough courage to jump out of the corporate America’s rat race and jump into being a full time business woman. I started off as an independent [...]